Moldes Handcrafted Guitars

Hello, thanks for visiting our page! Moldes guitars is a small electric guitar and bass workshop located in the heart of Galicia. Our mission is basically handmade, resulting in handmade and unique instruments. Each year we build approximately ten guitars and basses, which is why our aim is to achieve the highest possible quality in order to compete with the broad market.


The choice of wood is one of our basic concerns, for which a lot of time is spent trying to locate the best pieces that guarantee great stability and sound quality. Most of the wood we buy usually comes already dry and ready to cut, but we still do not use them at the moment, but store them for long periods of time controlling their temperature and humidity using sophisticated appliances.


Another of our strengths is to bet on a higher quality in both the hardware and the electronic section for this we only use the best brands. To mention some of our peculiarities, to say that we use the inclusion of a special system of adjustment of souls in the masts, as well as the reinforcement of these with two strips of graphite, increasing in an important way the stability and tone of our instrument and avoiding the typical blade ruptures caused by the weakening that the adjustment screw-soul causes in a large number of guitars and avoiding the cumbersomeness of having to remove the mast each time we want to adjust it as it is in the case of the masts with adjustment in its heel .


In addition to the models that appear on the page, we can adapt to the tastes of our customers both in the choice of wood and in design in general. We also offer an instrument adjustment and repair service.


We hope that the visit to our page is pleasant! Thank you for visiting us and if you have any questions regarding our services do not hesitate to contact us.


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